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Dr Rolf Martin Schmitz new Chairman of the Executive Board of RWE AG

Peter Terium and Dr Bernhard Günther resign from RWE AG Executive Board following successful IPO of innogy SE

Today, the Supervisory Board of RWE AG appointed Dr Rolf Martin Schmitz the new Chairman of the Executive Board of RWE AG as of 15 October 2016. Dr Markus Krebber, ordinary member of the Executive Board of RWE AG since 1 October 2016, will become CFO. As established beforehand, Peter Terium and Dr Bernhard Günther had resigned from their respective offices on the Executive Board of RWE AG after the IPO of innogy.

"I am very pleased that Rolf Martin Schmitz is assuming chairmanship of the Executive Board. He and Peter Terium were instrumental in restructuring RWE. Moreover, for many years, he was in charge of the company's operating activities as Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board," says Dr Werner Brandt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RWE AG. The IPO of innogy has led to the creation of independent divisions, which will operate autonomously in their respective fields of business. As a result, RWE AG intends to benefit from the success of its subsidiary as its largest shareholder. "The changes we have just implemented will ensure continuity of leadership at RWE AG over the long term. Both companies have strong leaders in place to successfully take on the huge challenges in their environment," Brandt adds.

To ensure planning security for the Group's restructuring and, in particular, for the generation and trading divisions and their personnel, the Supervisory Board had decided as early asApril to appoint Rolf Martin Schmitz to the Executive Board of RWE AG until 30 June 2021. As planned, Markus Krebber succeeds Bernhard Günther as CFO. Uwe Tigges will be the Chief HR Officer of both RWE AG and innogy SE until 30 April 2017, after which he will dedicate himself entirely to his position at innogy SE.