Aberthaw power station helps the local environment

The Aberthaw Power Station team is always willing to lend a hand in local community activities, especially when it involves the environment. Our teams took part in two events to clean up areas on the local land and shoreline.

It is hard to believe that the Aberthaw nature reserve conservation day is in its 12th year. Over 50 volunteers faced the cold to come together to support and protect the biodiversity within the reserve. Everyone left their regular jobs and were put to work to get the site ready for autumn and winter.

The volunteers came from Aberthaw Power Station, Valeways, Welsh Government, Natural Resources Wales, The Wildlife Trust, Waitrose and site contractor Noonan - joined by enthusiastic local residents.

The teams were split up to tackle some of the more challenging tasks including path restoration to improve access to visitors, invasive sea buckthorn trees were removed, and a water ditch was cleared of overgrown weeds to encourage insects for the native birds. A major sweep for litter and debris was also carried out on the adjacent shingle beach and sand dunes, and graffiti was painted over on the sea wall.

East Aberthaw Nature Reserve is owned by Aberthaw Power Station and located to the east of the site. The area contains a saline lagoon, one of only four in Wales and home to a unique habitat for local animals, flora and fauna. Regular guided walks are held on the site throughout the seasons, led by the Wildlife Trust. The management of the reserve is in done in conjunction with the Wildlife Trust, which recommends the tasks and advises on the importance of maintaining the different areas.

In addition, staff at site took time out of their day to recently complete a beach clean. The twelve- strong team combed Gileston beach, looking for rubbish and debris. The team was supporting Keep Wales Tidy as part of its ‘Be Tidy’ campaign that ran through the whole of September.

As the power station is on the shoreline, the team wanted to focus the cleanup operation on local beaches. In little over two hours they collected 14 bags and two tyres.

Richard Little Aberthaw Power Station manager said, ”It is important that staff support these local events, as many live in the local area. Our station is a large part of the local environment and we will do all we can to protect and preserve local ecosystems and biodiversity. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the conservation day and who has attended the guided nature walks across the summer.”