Action of Peruvian farmer without legal basis from RWE's perspective

Higher Regional Court orders hearing of evidence concerning certain issues

RWE will carry out a detailed evaluation of today's order to hear evidence by the Hamm Higher Regional Court and afterwards decide on how to proceed. The Company still holds the view that the action is unfounded.

It is RWE's legal opinion that under the German civil code, a single emitter cannot be held liable for processes with a global impact such as climate change, the reason being the vast amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions from both natural and anthropogenic sources, the climate's complexity and its natural variability.

RWE has been making a considerable contribution to security of supply for years and supports the German and European 2050 climate targets. Lowering its own carbon emissions has a high priority for RWE. For this reason, the Company modernized its power plant fleet in the last few years, i.e. built new power stations, made existing plants more efficient and decommissioned old ones. RWE is sustainably reducing CO2 emissions: the Group has a fixed schedule for further reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it invested billions in the expansion of renewables in recent years. The renewables business is today concentrated in innogy, a financial holding of RWE AG.