Beach clean-up near Aberthaw

Fourteen volunteers gave up two hours last Saturday to pick up rubbish and plastic waste on East Aberthaw beach.

Organised by Aberthaw Power Station and supported by Keep Wales Tidy and the Wildlife Trust, volunteers swept the beach for plastic litter, most of which floats into the shore with the daily tides.

"It was an amazing amount collected in a short space of time," said Amy Lavisher, Environmental Compliance Engineer at the power station. "Marine animals and birds can be fatally harmed by the litter and it is an ongoing issue to keep the beach clean."

The beach adjoins East Aberthaw nature reserve, that is owned and managed by the power station. The site will be holding a series of accompanied walks throughout the year on the third Monday of every month during April, May, June, July and September - to introduce local residents and nature lovers to the wonders of the site’s unique ecology.

The first walk will take place on 16 May at 6pm from the bottom of Well Road, East Aberthaw.

If you have any queries, please contact Rachel on 07753 650 964.