Celebrating 5 years of safe power operations

Yesterday marked five years of operations at Pembroke Power Station. To celebrate the occasion, staff were treated to bacon butties, a cup of tea and a cake was presented to station manager Andrew Morgan to share with staff.

Pembroke plays an essential role in supporting the UK’s energy transition as it can flexibly power up and down, provides excellent availability and is key to ensuring security of supply across Wales and the UK.

The 2200MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power plant was officially opened on 19 September 2012; one week to the day that the keys to the door were handed to RWE by manufacturers Alstom. 200 dignitaries and community and business leaders attended the exciting opening event.

Today, the station is still the most up-to-date and modern gas-fired power station in the UK and has the ability provide energy to over 3.5 million households. Since the station opened it has completed more than 4000 starts and boasts an efficiency of 60%.

In order to keep the station at the top of its game, RWE has invested millions of pounds in five major outages during 2015 when units came offline whilst important efficiency upgrades were made to the plant . These plant improvements further reduced emissions by increasing the overall efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions by 0.6 million tonnes a year. The upgrades also enhanced start-up times, with the station able to reach ‘full load’ within just 45 minutes.

Commenting on operations at the site, Station Manager, Andrew Morgan said, “It’s hard to believe that we have been commercially operational for five years. We have had some financially challenging years and have had to work hard to change our operations and maintenance schedules to ensure we can provide the best service and availability when the country needs us most.”

“ We are a proud member of the Pembroke business community, regularly participating in local events and supporting local charities. We would like to thank the local community for their continued support and we hope to continue to grow together over the coming years,”


Pembroke at a glance;

• RWE invested £1 billion pounds in the development of Pembroke Power Station The station brings an ongoing benefit of at least £20m per year to the local economy.

• RWE Generation has the largest and most efficient fleet of gas-fired power stations in the country.

• The power station created 100 highly-skilled full time jobs; the majority of which are filled by people from Pembrokeshire.

•At the height of construction, almost 2,000 people were working on the site and, in total, 7.4 million man hours were worked.