Didcot A demolition update

The demolition of Didcot A started less than 12 months ago and the site has significantly changed during this time. Specialist demolition company Coleman & Company are now a third of the way through the demolition of the old coal fired power station.

The demolition work to date has included the explosive demolition of three of the six 100 meter tall cooling towers which were brought to the ground in less than 10 seconds in July last year. Demolition works on Didcot A’s coal yard were completed in November last year and this 47 hectare site has now been sold to Clowes Development Ltd, who have begun their consultation process on the redevelopment of this land.

All plant in the Turbine Hall has now been demolished to floor level and the scrap recovery is ongoing. Over 20,000 tonnes of scrap metal and 36,000 tonnes of concrete have been processed and recycled so far.

Other demolition works completed include the removal of external ductwork connecting the chimney to the main power station and the removal of external tanks, including fuel oil tanks.

The current plan is to use explosive demolition on the main station buildings in Summer 2015 with the north cooling towers and chimney scheduled for Spring and Summer 2016. The complete demolition of the site is expected by the end of September 2016. The already established consultation process, will determine the best date and time for these activities to ensure the safety of everyone involved.