Didcot B Power Station: Module 5 online again

Didcot B Power Station Module 5 has today resumed generation following the fire last Sunday and is exporting around 50% of its capacity to the National Grid. The fire affected part of Module 5’s cooling tower structure but caused no damage to the rest of the station. Module 6 continued to operate at full capacity with no disruption to its planned electricity supplies. Our Didcot B plant is a highly efficient, combined cycle gas turbine power station, consisting of two generating Modules (5 and 6) with a total capacity of 1.4GW. Investigations continue into the root cause of the fire. 

Roger Miesen, Head of Hard Coal and Gas, on the RWE Generation board said, ‘It’s good news that Module 5 is back online so quickly. It will be available to generate power this winter and essential repairs will be in the region of single digit million pounds. Didcot B, as part of RWE Generation’s wider fleet, has an important part to play in contributing to the UK’s security of supply. 

‘Our thanks go out for the fantastic response and dedication of the emergency services who worked alongside RWE teams to bring the fire under control quickly and safely. Huge credit is also due the Didcot B site and central engineering teams whose expertise meant that we are able to bring Module 5 back into service after only nine days.’ 

Roger Miesen also underlined how pleased he was to see that no one from site or the emergency services was injured during the incident; ‘This is of primary importance to us all.’