Glenrothes Energy Centre planning application submitted

This week a planning application for an energy centre on the Markinch CHP biomass plant site has been submitted by RWE Generation to Fife Council. This development marks a positive step forward in the Glenrothes Energy Network. Glenrothes Energy Network is a collaboration between Fife Council, RWE and the Scottish Government.

RWE’s energy centre would utilise the excess steam from its existing biomass plant and transfer this into heat for distribution along the network of pipes laid beneath the ground as part of the Glenrothes Energy Network.

The planning application is for full planning permission for a building approximately 900 Meter Squared which would house district heating water recirculation pumps, ancillary plant and standby boilers. The development would also include an adjacent chimney or exhaust stack and outdoor storage units. The energy centre will be operated by the team at Markinch Power Station and will not require any additional workforce.

Markinch CHP biomass plant has an installed capacity of up to 60 MW, producing power for over 100,000 households fuelled from mostly waste wood products.

The planning application has now been registered and a decision is due by the end of 2017. Only on receipt of full planning consent, a revised Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) permit and after thorough evaluation of the project economics would the Energy Centre be developed.

Demolition of the former Tullis Russell building adjacent to the power plant is progressing well. Once the building has been demolished the land will be used to develop the Energy Centre. Around 45% of the project has been completed with full site clearance expected by the end of the year.

Mark Picton Markinch site manager said; ”RWE is a proud partner in this project. Markinch biomass CHP plant provides power to thousands of homes and can now realise its full potential through the utilization of its heat. The Energy Centre would provide the heat required for the Glenrothes Energy Network – an affordable system to heat local homes and businesses and help reduce emissions.”

For more information about the demolition please contact the RWE community hotline on 08450770150.

Paul Wheelhouse, MSP, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy recently the visited Markinch CHP plant. He met the team, had a site tour and discussed the Energy Centre development.

Notes to editors;

The building would be approximately 30 x30m x 8m high containing six natural gas fired boilers (not all of which would be installed initially), district heating water circulation pumps and ancillary plant, an adjacent exhaust stack with six flues about 12 meters high within a single windshield, two outdoor thermal storage vessels and a separate switch room.