Great Yarmouth Power Station gets a new lease of life

2018 GT Upgrade and Outage Investment

RWE in the UK has announced a multi-million pound investment programme to upgrade Great Yarmouth Power Station.

The 2018 investment will include an outage of several months and up to an additional 100 people on site at the peak of the project. The upgrade includes the purchase and installation of GE 9FA advanced gas turbine technology, a major overhaul on the steam turbines, generator, and other significant plant components.

RWE has been working closely with GE, the gas turbine designer and manufacturer, over the last three years to design a flexible partnership that has enabled a multi-million pound investment programme for Great Yarmouth Power Station to be agreed. This has built upon the strong working relationship that RWE UK has had with GE for more than twelve years.

Steve Glover, Director of Hard Coal and Gas Power Plant UK, commented on the news, “This plant provides a valuable service to both the local community and to the UK electricity system. As a key employer in the area, RWE Generation is contributing millions of pounds into the local economy each year and helping with the UK’s security of energy supply in an increasingly flexible energy market.”

Once completed in 2018, the station will have increased the overall MW generation output by around 21MW with an increased combined cycle efficiency of 2.1% , with more flexibility and faster start-ups.

This efficiency improvement reduces the CO2 emitted per unit of electricity generated (MW) and contributes to the incremental decarbonisation of the UK electricity generation system. For example, the improvement is equivalent to approximately 180,000 tonnes of CO2 over a ten year period at typical recent generation levels for the station.

Great Yarmouth is a combined cycle gas turbine power station, with the capacity to generate 400MW of electricity and was commissioned in 2002. The station generates enough power to supply a third of a million homes.