Placement price of EUR 36 per innogy share at the top end of the price range


- The offer was several times oversubscribed at the placement price

innogy generates proceeds of EUR 2.0 billion for future-oriented investments

- RWE receives proceeds of EUR 3.0 billion from placement of existing innogy shares (including EUR 0.5 billion from potential greenshoe)

- Total issue volume EUR 5.0 billion (including greenshoe)

- RWE remains innogy’s majority shareholder with stake of 75 per cent (including greenshoe)

- First day of trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange 7 October 2016

innogy SE has put in a successful final sprint to finish its IPO: The Executive and Supervisory Boards of RWE AG ("RWE") and innogy SE ("innogy") today fixed the placement price for the shares of innogy at EUR 36 per share. The price thus represents the top end of the price range. The offer was several times oversubscribed at the placement price.

In total, 138.9 million innogy shares have been placed widely spread with new investors, equalling an issue volume of EUR 5.0 billion (including greenshoe). Consequently, innogy managed to conduct the largest IPO in Germany for close to 20 years – Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post and Infineon were the only issuers to achieve higher issue volumes before. innogy generates proceeds of EUR 2.0 billion via the IPO. The company intends to predominantly use this for investments in its core business areas. RWE receives proceeds of EUR 3.0 billion from the sale of existing innogy shares (including EUR 0.9 billion resulting from the execution of the upsize option and EUR 0.5 billion resulting from a potential execution of the greenshoe option). Based on the total number of 555,555,000 shares and the placement price, innogy’s market capitalization is EUR 20.0 billion.

"Investors’ interest in innogy is pleasing. This is strong proof of our unique, future-oriented business model. We plan to capitalize on the tailwind of the IPO to further strengthen our position as an innovative European energy company," says Peter Terium, at present Chief Executive Officer of RWE and innogy. "At the same time, the innogy IPO provides RWE with financial stability and a strong basis to fulfil the important role it has always held in the energy system. We therefore consider the IPO a triple success: for innogy, for RWE and for the shareholders."

RWE remains innogy’s majority shareholder post IPO with a stake of 75 per cent (including over-allotment) and the holdings in innogy will be managed purely as a financial investment. Tomorrow, on 7 October 2016, innogy shares will start trading on the Prime Standard sub-segment of the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the first time under International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) DE000A2AADD2 and securities identification number (WKN) A2AADD.


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