RWE Generation looking for 2019 trainees

The energy industry is constantly changing and adapting and there has never been a more exciting industry to be a part of. This week, RWE Generation UK launched its 2019 training programmes, looking for enthusiastic science, maths, engineering or science-hungry students to join them.

RWE sites are located across England, Wales and Scotland and the business provides around 1,600 highly skilled jobs in the UK.

The schemes have been in place for over 50 years and have been continually adapted to match the energy market of today and to tailor them to the requirements of RWE’s ever evolving generation business. There are more than 60 people on RWE Generation’s current training programmes in the UK and opportunities exist for the right people to join our Engineering Technician Programme and Engineering Apprenticeship Programme.

The RWE Generation UK Engineering Apprentice Programme lasts four years, providing trainees with an in-depth understanding of the technical and practical skills required to work in power plants.

During the first two years, students will study towards an Advanced Manufacturing Engineering BTEC Level 3 diploma in Bradford, and undertake a range of practical skills training delivered at RWE Generation’s Yorkshire training facility at Ferrybridge. In years 3 and 4, students will develop ‘on the job’ in state-of-the-art power stations. In the third year, students will agree an area of specialism to study: Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or Control & Instrumentation.

RWE Generation is also looking for people to join its Generation Engineering Technician Training Programme. This programme also lasts four years, has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the business, and is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). This programme will provide people with extensive knowledge of the technical and practical skills needed to be tomorrow’s power generation Technicians.

The programme contains a blend of academic study at a college based in Bradford, studying for a BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and a Level 4 HNC Diploma in Operations Engineering. In addition to practical skills, training at RWE’s Ferrybridge training facility and ‘on the job training and experience in leading power stations during years 3 and 4.

Throughout the programme apprentices and technician trainees are supported by experienced power industry and training professionals.

Steve Glover, Director of Hard Coal and Gas Power Plant UK RWE Generation, “Our training programmes have been specially designed to give aspiring engineers the very best in on the job technical training and educational qualifications. RWE has established itself as providing flexible capacity supporting security of energy supply and we are looking forward to meeting and hiring the future of our business.”

RWE is the UK’s second largest generator, supplying over 10% of the UK’s electricity with over 8.5GW of installed capacity. We own and operate the UK’s largest fleet of gas-powered stations, along with a small amount of coal and biomass. The gas fleet includes two of the most modern and highly efficient plants in Europe.

To find out the entry requirements, salary and to apply for any of the RWE programmes go to our website; www.rweukjobs.com.