RWE shareholders receive ordinary and special dividend totalling €1.50

  • Company makes dividend payment of about €922 million to shareholders, about €615 million of which from nuclear tax refund
  • Executive and Supervisory Board acts approved by significant majority
  • Anticipatory resolutions on share buybacks and authorised capital renewed

At the Annual General Meeting of RWE AG held today, the shareholders voted in favour of the dividend proposed by the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board by a significant majority. Therefore, RWE will pay a dividend of €1.50 per share for fiscal 2017. The dividend is made up of an ordinary dividend of €0.50 per share and a one-time special dividend of €1.00 per share, which will be paid due to the refund of the nuclear fuel tax that was found to be unconstitutional by the Federal Constitutional Court and declared by the Court to be null and void retroactively. In so doing, RWE is giving the shareholders approximately one-third of the refund.

In addition, under Item 7 on the Agenda, the Annual General Meeting of RWE AG passed a resolution to authorise share buybacks; the former authorisation was valid until the middle of April 2019. This puts RWE in the position to issue shares as a currency for acquisitions and within the scope of employee stock ownership plans. Furthermore, under Item 8 on the Agenda, the shareholders approved the renewal of authorised capital. The resolutions in the other items on the Agenda such as the approval of the acts of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board as well as the election of the independent auditors were also passed by a significant majority vote.

A total of 317,861,324 common shares, corresponding to 55.21% of the capital stock bearing voting rights, were represented at the Annual General Meeting (last year: 52.93%). Moreover, 2,984,930 preferred shares were represented.

An overview of the results of the votes on all agenda items can be found on the internet at