Staythorpe marks 65th anniversary

Employees at Staythorpe Power Station near Newark, recently celebrated the 65th anniversary of power generation on the site, which is now home to its third power station. To commemorate the occasion Kevin Nix, Head of RWE Generation UK, planted an olive tree on the grounds.

Staythorpe C Power Station Manager, Andy Marshall said, “Staythorpe has a long and proud history of power generation. Throughout its existence, the site has had to undergo numerous changes to adapt to contemporary demands and market conditions, particularly in the transition from coal to gas as our operating fuel. Nonetheless, it has remained an efficient and reliable source of power for the UK energy market, and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Kevin added, “Staythorpe Power Station is today one of RWE Generation UK’s most valuable sites. I would like to congratulate everyone involved, past and present, for their commitment to efficient and reliable power generation. Here’s to Staythorpe’s continued prosperity.”

Staythorpe C Power Station is a combined cycle gas plant, with a generating capacity of 1650 MW and an efficiency of over 58%. It began full commercial operation in November 2010, contributes more than £10 million into the local economy each year, and employs around 80 people.

Construction began on the original Staythorpe A Power Station in July 1946, with the first unit commencing operation in March 1950. The coal-fired power station consisted of six power generation units, each providing a 60,000 kW output – enough to supply a 200,000 homes. Staythorpe A received an average weekly supply of 26,000 tons from the local coalmines, making it a driving force in the local economy.

Staythorpe B, another coal plant, was officially opened on 4 May, 1962, with the aim of providing an assured local market for the rapidly expanding East Midlands coalfield, and supplying cheap electricity for transmission to power-short areas of the country. The station housed £40,000,000 worth of machinery, including three generation units each with a 120,000 kW capacity.

Construction on the gas-fired Staythorpe C Power Station began in 1998, before being put on hold just two years later, as there was already sufficient generating capacity in the UK. Work resumed in 2007 and the station was given its official handover on 24 November 2010.

To build Staythorpe C 57,000 tonnes of concrete were required, along with 53,000 tonnes of steelwork, 1000 tonnes of piping and 700km of cabling. Total labour hours amounted to 7.265 million. During construction the station donated over £55,000 to local organisations, and continues to donate annually.