Tilbury Power Station demolition number 5

The fifth explosive demolition at site

At 3pm on the afternoon of 24th August 2017, the fifth explosive demolition will take place at the Tilbury Power Station site. The controlled demolition will simultaneously bring down the northern end of the de-aeration bay and the conditioning and storage bunker. The de-aeration bay is approximately 117m long, 17m wide and 44m high and constructed from structural steel. The conditioning and storage bunker is approximately 40m long, 28m high and 14m wide and is constructed of concrete.

Although the explosion and collapse may be heard off site, any noise will be over very quickly. Any dust generated will be controlled on site and road sweepers will be available for local roads, although it’s anticipated that they will not be required.

To protect everyone on site and in the local area an exclusion zone will be in place before, during and immediately after the explosion. The exclusion zone is well within the site boundary fence and there will be no public access to the area or impact on the local road network.

Demolition of this section of the power station is considered to be low impact. Local authorities and the Police have been consulted and it has been agreed that no emergency services will be required onsite, with the exception of a minimal police presence.

The other main structures such as the conveyor system, chimneys and precipitators are scheduled for explosive demolition over the next couple of months. The boiler house and coal bunkers are scheduled for demolition next year.