Tilbury Power Station demolition update

Tilbury Power Station closed in 2013 and after the successful completion of the decommissioning phase, demolition began in January 2016. Over the past six months RWE’s specialist principal demolition contractor Brown and Mason have been undertaking surveys and developing site demolition plans. Works have included the demolition of former A Station.

On 22nd September 2016 the first explosive demolition will take place at the site. This is the only explosive event planned for 2016 and is necessary to bring down one of the coal junction towers and its connected conveyors.The demolition will take place in the afternoon and will not impact local businesses, community or local traffic.

The structure is made mostly of steel and is approximately 28 metres in height with the associated conveyors adjoining. The explosion and collapse may be heard off site and any noise will be over in under a minute. The structure will be washed down prior to demolition to minimise dust and road sweepers and road cleaners will be on hand should they be required.

The exclusion zone for demolition is well within the power station boundary fence and there will be no public access to area or impact on the local road network.

Demolition of the coal junction tower and conveyor is considered to be low impact.Local authorities and the Police have been consulted and it has been agreed that no emergency services will be required onsite with the exception of a minimal police presence.


Brown and Mason have worked on these demolition plans for the past six months in order to minimise local disruption. We will ensure we keep local people informed of future project developments.
Steve Boughton, RWE’s Head of Business Development UK

The other main structures such as the chimneys, boiler house, turbine hall and bunker house are scheduled for explosive demolition in 2017. Further details on these milestones will be provided nearer the time. The complete demolition of the site is expected towards the end of 2018.