Uwe Tigges to leave RWE Executive Board to focus on his task with innogy

As from 1 May 2017, Uwe Tigges will focus entirely on his role as Chief Human Resources Officer of innogy SE and will thus leave the RWE Executive Board at the end of April.

Werner Brandt, Chairman of the RWE Supervisory Board, thanked Uwe Tigges on behalf of the Supervisory Board: "Uwe Tigges substantially contributed to reorganizing the RWE Group. In cooperation with the employee representatives, solutions were found by mutual consent for all issues subject to codetermination – thanks to his dedication. We wish Uwe Tigges all the best for his future tasks."

As a result of the reorganization of RWE in October 2016, more than 4,000 employees received new contracts, some of which included new tasks. Uwe Tigges supported the restructuring project during a transition period.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Rolf Martin Schmitz will succeed Uwe Tigges in managing HR of RWE AG. In addition to his role as CEO the Supervisory Board appointed him Labour Director as from 1 May 2017. The RWE AG Executive Board will then be composed of him and Dr Markus Krebber in his function as Chief Financial Officer.

Uwe Tigges started his career in 1984 working in VEW AG's IT department. The company merged with RWE in the year 2000. He was a member of several Group companies' works councils. After his positions as Chairman of the European Works Council and the Group Works Council, he was appointed Chief Human Resources Officer in January 2013.