Your local power station powering through Christmas

Highest levels of generation since opening; Christmas shift ready for all weather

As homes across Wales enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities, staff at Pembroke Power Station will be working around the clock to keep the nation’s turkeys cooking and the Christmas tree lights twinkling. 

Pembroke Power Station is a 2200MW combined cycle gas turbine plant, producing enough electricity to meet the needs of around 3.5 million homes. Generating electricity is a 24/7 operation, and the festive period is no exception.

This year the power station has had a record year for generation, proving to be one of the UK’s most reliable and flexible large scale plants. The station went through a major £125million turbine upgrade investment last year. This has increased the efficiency to over 59% providing more power to the grid, with lower carbon intensity than ever before.

The team at Pembroke will be working throughout Christmas, playing a valuable role in helping to provide the nation with a secure supply of energy, particularly when demand increases across the UK.

Pembroke Power Station manager Andrew Morgan said: “This year has been a real adventure - the station has had the highest levels of generation on record with a flexibility that is hard to rival in the industry. Most people think of the emergency services working across the Yuletide and who should rightly be honoured. However spare a thought for all the power station, grid and network men and women. For them Christmas is business as usual. Electricity needs to be produced as it’s required, 365 days a year, so it’s thanks to the dedication and hard work of our staff that we can operate.”

Shift Team Leader Matt Broad who will be working over the holidays said; ”It is always hard working Christmas Day, however we know the job we do is important and we are very proud to generate electricity to homes across Wales. We are expecting a busy day starting up all units in the morning, operating them through the day. However, we should find the time to have a turkey sandwich.”

Pembroke is well equipped to deal with winter cold snaps and bad weather conditions, with contingency plans to deal with anything from fetching staff in 4x4s to emergency rations and beds at the station to make sure nothing gets in the way of the station generating electricity.