RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

enmacc customers to use RWE’s Contract Wizard digital assistant

The enmacc energy trading platform will make RWE’s Contract Wizard digital contract assistant available to its customers with immediate effect. Contract Wizard enables supply agreements for large B2B customers to be created online both easily and flexibly, thanks to a modular system based on sample contracts complying with the latest legal requirements.

enmacc provides over 200 municipal utility customers with professional access to the energy trading market, building with its customers on innovation and simplification of processes for energy trading, procurement and sales.

Jens Hartmann, enmacc’s CEO, says “This collaborative undertaking allows us to resolutely enlarge our range of products and services – above all for customers of municipal utilities, who are under constant cost pressure in key account sales given that the contracts often requested by energy consultants are becoming increasingly complex. RWE Supply & Trading’s Contract Wizard provides a fast, efficient and cost-cutting solution to mastering this challenge. This spawned the idea by the two companies to give enmacc customers access to the innovative contract assistant.”

Mr. Hartmann goes on to say that “the Contract Wizard can easily be configured by virtue of its wide selection of tailor-made supply agreements and can easily be accessed by our customers via the enmacc platform. Our objective is to leverage it to simplify contract and offer processes in key account sales for utilities, with a view to making power utilities more competitive in the hotly contested key account segment. I’m thrilled that we have gained RWE as a partner in this quest.”

Hendrik Niebaum, who is in charge of industrial customer service and municipal utilities atRWE Supply & Trading, explains, “We have been using the Contract Wizard successfully for quite some time. Now we are making our solution accessible to customers, enabling them to improve efficiency. In so doing, we are simplifying contract and offer processes in key account sales for utilities and opening the door to further standardisation. We have found an innovative partner for this in enmacc.”