Extension of collective wage agreements through to the end of 2024 gives RWE employees security and orientation

  • Agreement reached with trade unions: RWE master wage agreement, Switch wage agreement and further regulations prolonged early
  • Agreements also apply to future employees of

RWE has given its staff security and a point of orientation by means of a clearly defined collective wage framework. The company agreed with the Mining, Chemicals and Energy Industry Labour Union (IG BCE) and the German Service Workers Labour Union (ver.di) to extend RWE’s master wage agreement, the Switch wage agreement and further supplementary regulations unamended and early through to the end of 2024.

RWE CEO and Labour Director Rolf Martin Schmitz emphasises, “We are pleased about having reached an early agreement with the social partners. It gives the current employees and the future staff members of RWE Renewables security. Another of its objectives is to show potential job applicants that RWE is a modern, dynamic company that offers good conditions to its employees.”

The master wage agreement establishes the framework for all of the RWE Group’s personnel. It includes provisions governing weekly working hours, vacation entitlements and continued pay during illness. The company and its employees have had a good experience with the Switch wage agreement, as it has allowed for staffing overhangs to be prevented. In addition, it sets the rules for socially acceptable headcount adjustment measures. RWE actively assists its staff in obtaining referrals and qualifications with a view to ensuring that they remain employed even during periods of organisational change. The collective wage agreements will apply to employees switching from the renewables operations of innogy and E.ON to RWE as part of the transaction.