Do you manage your own gas balancing group in Germany but not have a full supply contract? No matter how big your balancing group: Do you want to benefit from the netting potential and other advantages of balancing group cooperation?

Benefits for you

Minimise your risks: Through balancing group pooling you can reduce any balancing group deviations and penalties for balancing energy, structuring fees and conversion.

Benefit from individual and innovative profit-sharing models: We can offer you individual profit-sharing models based on your risk appetite. These range from fixed prices and price guarantees to variable participation in a cooperation network, without the risk of loss.

Trade with shortened lead time: As a participant in our balancing group pool, you will have the option of optimized OTC trading with a shortened lead time and without the need of nomination at the virtual trading point.

Your trading strategy will be fully automated by an Algo Trader: Have your position managed continuously and automatically based on your pre-defined trading strategy on the intraday, spot and futures market.

Automated balancing: You benefit from a reduced hourly deviation to well below ±2% through countermeasures taken with our assets in response to deviations in your gas flows.

Our approach